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Friday, June 14, 2013

2nd Call-Hosts Needed- Tour "Into the Fire" by K. Gorman

We are putting together a 7 day tour for 'Into the Fire' by K. Gorman. The tour will run from July 7th-13th and will consist of reviews, author interviews, character interviews, guest posts, excerpt/spotlights, dream cast, book soundtrack, playlist, top tens and character bios. 

Book Info-
Title-Into the Fire
Series-Mieshka Files Book # 1
Publication Date- March 23, 2013
Approximately 56000 words


"I've got magic?"

"I'm afraid so."

Secure under its Mage-powered shield, Lyarne ignores the war that has taken the rest of the country.

Inside its borders, refugees are first pitied, then assimilated.

Mieshka knows this well. Coping with the loss of her mother and the grief of her father, she keeps her head down at school and maintains a neutral stance with her new Lyarnese friend.

Things change when she meets the Fire Mage. There's a lot more to this city—and herself—than she could imagine.

And Lyarne's shield is not as impenetrable as the city would believe…


About the Author-

After a year spent living in South-West China, K. Gorman has returned to her life as a university student in Western Canada. During high school, she spent her days ignoring classwork to focus on reading or writing. She has been a voracious consumer of Fantasy and Science Fiction for as long as she can remember. When not reading or writing, she moonlights as a horse-drawn carriage driver, combining her love of history with her long-time passion of working with horses.


July 7th- Girls Heart Books Tours- Schedule
               Indy Book Fairy- Excerpt/Spotlight
               Sassy Book Lovers; Excerpt/Spotlight, Character Bio
               Mythical Books- Guest Post, Excerpt/Spotlight

July 8th- Lost in a Sea of Words- Excerpt/Spotlight
              Manifestations of My Mind-Review
              Bookmarks, Spoilers & Happily Ever After- Excerpt/Spotlight, Dream Cast

July 9th- That Bite’s Book Talk Reviews- Excerpt/Spotlight
               Cu’s e-Book Giveaways- Review, Excerpt/Spotlight, Top Tens

July 10th- Jeanz BookReadNReview-Excerpt/Spotlight, Playlist, Book Soundtrack, Character Bio

July 11th- A Little Bit of R & R- Dream Cast, Book Soundtrack

July 12th- Lost in a Sea of Words- Author Interview
                 Ohana Day Academy-Review, Book Soundtrack, Excerpt/Spotlight

July 13th- Bianca2b- Author Interview
                 Girls *Heart* Books- Review


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