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Saturday, October 12, 2013

Touring Now-'Reap' by Christina Channelle Tour Schedule & Giveaway

Tour Schedule

October 12th-
My Family’s Heart Book Reviews- Review, Excerpt/Spotlight, Author Interview, Top Tens, Book Soundtrack, Playlist, Character Bio

October 13th-
Mythical Books- Excerpt/Spotlight, Guest Post
Anny Books and Movies- Excerpt/Spotlight

October 14th-
Living in a Bookworld- Review, Excerpt/Spotlight, Author Interview, Book Soundtrack, Playlist

October 15th-
Reading in Twilight- Excerpt/Spotlight, Author Interview, Guest Post

October 16th-
The Reading Lounge- Excerpt/Spotlight, Book Soundtrack

October 17th-
Book Obsessed Momma- Review, Excerpt/Spotlight, Book Soundtrack

October 18th-
Tammy’s Tea Time-  Review, Excerpt/Spotlight

October 19th-
Bottles & Books Reviews- Excerpt/Spotlight

October 20th-
Bookish and Bushytailed- Review, Excerpt/Spotlight
Loco for Libros- Excerpt/Spotlight

October 21st-
Litterbox Blog- Review, Guest Post

October 22nd-
Tammy’s Tea Time- Review, Excerpt/Spotlight
Crazy Beautiful Reviews- Review, Playlist

October 23rd-
Bookworm for Kids- Review, Excerpt/Spotlight

October 24th-
Bawaka’s Book Fair- Excerpt/Spotlight
The Passionate Bookworm- Review, Excerpt/Spotlight

October 25th-
That Bite’s Book Talk Reviews- Excerpt/Spotlight, Dream Cast, Book Soundtrack, Character Bio

October 26th-
Queekie Girl Reads- Review, Book Soundtrack, Character Bio

October 27th-
Nikki Godwin, YA Author- Book Soundtrack, Playlist

October 28th-
Cheyanne Young- Review, Author Interview

October 29th-
As You Wish Reviews- Excerpt/Spotlight, Character Bio

October 30th-
Book Crushin’ - Review, Excerpt/Spotlight
Raizza’s Book Blogging Adventure- Review, Character Interview

October 31st-
Addicted Readers-Excerpt/Spotlight

November 1st-
Step Into Fiction- Review, Character Interview
Once Upon A YA Book- Review, Excerpt/Spotlight

November 2nd-
Ohana Day Academy-Review, Excerpt/Spotlight
Reading Bliss- Review, Excerpt/Spotlight, Character Bio, Book Soundtrack

November 3rd-
Dreamer-Review, Excerpt/Spotlight, Character Bio

November 4th-
The Avid Reader- Excerpt/Spotlight, Top Tens, Character Bio

November 5th-

November 6th-
Eclipse Reviews- Excerpt/Spotlight
Sweet Treat Reading Review- Dream Cast, Character Bio

November 7th-
Write Away Bliss- Author Interview, Excerpt/Spotlight, Character Bio
Relaxed Reads- Excerpt/ Spotlight

November 8th-
Northern Plunder- Review, Excerpt/Spotlight

November 9th-
Raven Reviews- Excerpt/Spotlight

November 10th-

November 11th-
Ramblings of a Book Lunatic- Review, Excerpt/Spotlight, Book Soundtrack, Character Bio
The Girl Bookaholic- Excerpt/Spotlight

November 12th-
Dalene’s Book Reviews- Review, Excerpt/Spotlight, Author Interview, Book Soundtrack, Playlist, Character Bio


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