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Sunday, December 29, 2013

Hosts Needed- Cover Reveal- 'Beckman's Bane' by Tyffani Clark Kemp

Book Info-
Title- Beckman’s Bane
Series- Shaggy Maggie # 2
By- Tyffani Clark Kemp

Beckman's life has become a sham. His fiance left him for his twin brother on Christmas day, and after a car accident that was more self-destructive than accidental, he's forced to figure out what he wants to do with his life.
Meanwhile, someone is trying to kill Beckman. He's a damn good lawyer and there's no end of people he's put behind bars who could be trying to end his life.
And then, there's Autumn. When he's with her, the pain of losing his fiance lessens. Though they're practically strangers, she spends time to nurse him back to health and dress his wounds, but her life could be in danger, as well as his and he can't stand to lose another woman. Not one he cares about this soon.

About the Author-
Tyffani Clark Kemp has been writing since she discovered in the sixth grade that it wasn't enough just to read about fantastic places, but she could create her own. She weaves small bits of herself into everything she writes whether it be a science fiction piece about aliens or a dramatic romance fraught with conflict and love. In September 2012 Tyffani and a friend started SideStreet Publishing LLC. She lives in South Carolina with her family and her fluffy shii tzu-mix dog who thinks he's a Saint Bernard.



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