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Monday, February 3, 2014

Touring Now- 'Vegas to Varanasi' by Shelly Hickman Tour Schedule

Tour Schedule

February 3rd-

February 4th-

February 5th-

February 6th-

February 7th-

February 8th-

February 9th-

February 10th-

February 11th-

February 12th-

February 13th-

February 14th-

February 15th-

February 16th-

February 17th-

February 18th-

February 19th-

February 20th-

February 21st-

February 22nd-

February 23rd-

February 24th-

February 25th-

February 26th-

February 27th-

February 28th-

March 1st-

March 2nd-
Big Girls Heart Books (Spotlight)

March 3rd-
KJ Reads a Lot

March 4th-
Manifestations of my Mind (Spotlight)

March 5th-
My Family's Heart Book Reviews (Spotlight)

March 6th-

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Susan Buchanan said...

Wow - I was shattered just reading the list of tour places. Good luck!

Shelly Hickman said...

Thanks, Susan! :)

Jenn Oldaker said...

Thanks for the great giveaway!! :)

Shelly Hickman said...

Thanks for stopping by, Jenn!

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