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Monday, March 24, 2014

Touring Now- 'Deceitful Truths' by Maggie Thom Tour Schedule & Giveaway

Tour Schedule

March 24th-
Kelly P’s Blog- Excerpt/Spotlight

March 25th-

March 26th-

March 27th-

March 28th-
Turning the Pages- Book Soundtrack

March 29th-

March 30th-
Pretty in Pink Books & Reviews- Book Soundtrack and Dream Cast
Book Lunatic Ramblings- Excerpt/Spotlight, Playlist

March 31st-
The Pleasure of Reading Today-  Review , Excerpt/Spotlight

April 1st-

April 2nd-
Indy Book Fairy- Book Soundtrack

April 3rd-
We Stole Your Book Boyfriend- Excerpt/Spotlight

April 4th-
Bookmarks, Spoilers, and Happily Ever Afters- Excerpt/Spotlight, Top Tens

April 5th-
Gone Insane Will Be Back Later- Review , Author Interview, Excerpt/Spotlight, Dream Cast, Book Soundtrack, Playlist

April 6th-
Movies, Shows & Books- Book Soundtrack

April 7th-
My Devotional Thoughts- Book Soundtrack, Dream Cast
Scandalous Book Blog- Excerpt/Spotlight

April 8th-
The Avid Reader-  Excerpt/Spotlight, Dream Cast, Book Soundtrack

April 9th-

April 10th-
Turning the Pages- Excerpt/Spotlight

April 11th-
Sun Mountain Reviews- Book Soundtrack, Dream Cast

April 12th-
Bookworm Betties- Excerpt/Spotlight

April 13th-

April 14th-
Kimber Leigh Writes- Book Soundtrack

April 15th-
Paperrdolls- Top Tens

April 16th-

April 17th-
That Bite’s Book Talk Reviews- Playlist

April 18th-
Big Girls Heart Books- Author Interview

April 19th-

April 20th-
Sweet Treat Reading Reviews- Book Soundtrack, Dream Cast

April 21st-
Turning the Pages- Dream Cast

April 22nd-

April 23rd-
Booklover Sue- Excerpt/Spotlight

April 24th-

April 25th-  
My Family’s Heart Book Reviews- Excerpt/Spotlight


Anonymous said...

Thank you so much for coordinating my tour. :) Wow it's going to be a busy month. Yay!

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