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Tuesday, December 2, 2014

Last Call- Hosts Needed- Spotlight Tour- Happily (N)ever After Anthology

Book Info-
Title- Happily (N)Ever After- An Anthology
Authors- Aramey, Emilie E. Faye, C.L. Foster, A.M. Hart, Allana Kephart, K.B. Mathias, E.R. Rada, David Roraff
Publication Date- November 25th, 2014

Sometimes you are lucky enough to dodge a bullet...but sometimes it strikes straight to the heart without an exit wound. It rattles around, leaks out our trust, and brings us to our knees making us wonder; why the %&$@ did I date you!?

From the darkness of emotional and/or physical pains we crawled out and eventually found a way to dust ourselves off and carry on with life.

So let these stories serve as a guide, that all that glitters is not always gold. That the felling of the hairs rising on the back of your neck is a warning, a primal scream to let us know that some things are not as they seem. Trust your gut. Yes, some people are worth fighting for but others have somehow tricked us into seeing a wolf in sheep’s clothing.

With hindsight fully engaged, we can now see the clarity of our past and appreciate the lessons we learned in our very own happily never after.

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