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Friday, January 23, 2015

Book Release Blast- 'Temptations From the Past' by Linda Jackson

Book Info-
Title- Temptations From the Past
Series- Twisted Bloodlines # 4
By- Linda Jackson
Genre- Paranormal Romance

They say, never return to the past, concentrate on the future. But what if, the past returns to you instead? Do you give in, to temptation, sealing a fate which was never intended for you? Or banish it back to where it belongs?

A price, has been laid upon Paul’s head, and a flurry of mages are hot on their tail, seeking revenge for their fallen comrade. They have been trapped in burning buildings, and forced over a cliff edge, in their quest for survival. But will Paul, and his brothers, succeed in the task entrusted to them, and manage to return the human female back to her world, amidst the chaos going on around them? Or will they get caught up, in the past that has returned to tempt the brothers?

Each, are reliving events, that should never have occurred, but only one, holds dire consequences. Can Sean, manage to maintain control over the beast that resides inside of him? Or will he give in, to the burning temptation of his past, and switch sides to work under the devil himself?

About the Author-
I love to write, always have done since I was a child. I also love to draw anything and everything! Reading is also my passion as is music.My first book in my paranormal book series is due out on 5th June 2013, published by Moon Rose Publishing.




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