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Monday, January 5, 2015

Touring Now- 'Hunters & Creators' by Jacinta Maree Reviews Tour Schedule

Reviews Tour Schedule

January 5th-
Ogitchida Kwe's Book Blog- Review of Book 1

January 6th-
Simpliread- (Book 1)

January 7th-

January 8th-
Book Junkie (Book 1)

January 9th-
Mel and Lana Write- Spotlight

January 10th-
Book Junkie (Book 2)

January 11th-
Girls Heart Books (Lana) (Book 3)

January 12th-
Simpliread- (Book 2)

January 13th-
Books and Ashes (All 3 Books)

January 14th-

January 15th-

January 16th-

January 17th-

January 18th-
Simpliread- (Book 3) 


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