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Friday, May 29, 2015

'Smother' by Lindy Zart Book Blast

By- Lindy Zart
Genre- Romantic Suspense

You won't like me.
I am not the nice girl.
I am not your friend.
I don't care about you, but most of all, I don't care about me.
Go ahead, hate me.
We all have secrets.
I have them as well—dark, terrible secrets.
The only time I can breathe is when I forget.
I need to be numb. You don't want to know how.
But as long as I can breathe, the past cannot smother me.


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Reese spotted a broad-shouldered man across the room, caught a glimpse of his profile before he turned away. His jeans were worn thin, but they hugged his legs in ways that made scandalous images come to mind. He was more muscular than she usually went for, but there was something enticing about his bulk. This guy was it—he could be her form of distraction for the night.

Then he moved and she froze as his face came into view. It was Leo. She should have known it would be him. There he was—the guy she wanted the most and could never have. He held a water bottle in his hand, because that was the kind of responsible, boring thing Leo would drink. His head was bent as he talked to a short blond in a red top and tight jean skirt. Reese wanted to explode when she caught the faint outline of a smile on his face. He could smile for anyone but her. He could talk to anyone but her.

Resentment, longing, and hurt came together to make her skin heat up and her stomach swirl. Reese quickly refilled her drink and slammed half of it down, something dark and angry propelling her to the coffee table in the middle of the room.

He never smiled for her.

She’d make sure he never even thought about smiling for her after tonight.

“Hey!” She stepped onto the table and waved her arms around, the deep red liquid of her drink sloshing from the cup in her hand and onto the front of her pink and blue shirt. “Hey! Listen up. I have an announcement to make.” Something told her to stop, that this was going too far, and she pushed that small, easily ignorable voice away.

The music was turned low as eyes locked on her, Leo’s among them. His mouth turned down, told her to quit before she started. Reese glared into his eyes, ignoring the warning. She wanted to make him mad, bring him pain. Hurt him. She wanted him to act like she mattered to him in some way, even if it was negative, even if it was with hate. She needed something, anything, from him.

Reese raised her glass to him with what she knew to be a horrible smile formed to her lips, feeling the wrongness in the twist of it. It was laced with poison. Leo briefly closed his eyes, and when he opened them, there was bleakness etched into his features, as though he was resigned to whatever was about to transpire. As if he knew it would be bad.

She should stop, she knew she should, and yet that dark part of her refused to recede back into the shadows where it lived. She couldn't stand being ignored by him any longer.

“I want everyone to look at that guy, right there.” Reese pointed at him, watched as his face went expressionless. “That the only guy...that doesn't want to fu—wait, wait—let’s make it technical and proper—have sexual intercourse with me.”

Catcalls and snide remarks abounded, but she didn't care. She only cared about Leo, and how his lips thinned in anger, and how his light gray eyes darkened to the color of wet stone.

“Look at me.” She struck a pose, jutting out a hip and placing a hand on it. She pursed her lips, aware of his eyes on her, and purposely refusing to meet them. The whoops grew louder. Reese caught the higher, disapproving voices of women among them. That only made her want to lash out more. Fuck them all, and fuck Leo with them.

Reese scanned the crowd and locked eyes with multiple seething women as she went. Her smile deepened when she lifted her gaze. “Men always want me. Why doesn’t he want me? It doesn’t make sense, does it?” She looked at the blond Leo was earlier talking to as she said it, the woman’s upper lip curled in disdain. Reese winked at her before she turned away.

“I want you, baby!” someone crooned and others laughed.

A hand tugged on her leg and she stepped back, wobbling on the table. She smiled cruelly and ruffled up her short hair. “Of course you do.”

Reese met Leo’s eyes, felt the shock of their angry heat all the way into her stomach. She stared back, wanting to look away—never wanting to look anywhere else. “But not Leo. He's famous,” she continued. “First guy ever to want nothing to do with me. Come on, Leo, take a bow. You deserve it. You've shown such restraint, such gentlemanly behavior. You should be applauded.”
She looked around the room. “Right? We should all applaud Leo, or maybe ask him if he's gay,” she added nastily.

Someone grabbed for her, again tried to pull her from the coffee table, and she resisted, never removing her gaze from Leo. Her jaw was tight, a fire scorched her insides, turning them into ashes. That’s how she felt, like she was nothing but smoke and ashes. Dust. She burned herself time and again—but she’d burn him this once as well.

“He must be gay,” Reese persisted hatefully. The blackness took over, controlled her, made her say things she didn't mean, pushed her to wound him. She didn't entirely understand why. Give me something, she inwardly pleaded.

Leo looked at her like she was less than anything worthy enough to upset him, and that was what she was desperate to change, and that was what she never could.

About the Author-
Lindy Zart is the USA Today bestselling author of Roomies. She has been writing since she was a child. Luckily for readers, her writing has improved since then. She lives in Wisconsin with her husband, two sons, and one cat. Lindy loves hearing from people who enjoy her work. She also has a completely healthy obsession with the following: coffee, wine, Bloody Marys, and pizza.
You can connect with Lindy at:
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