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Friday, June 27, 2014

Review Opportunity! 'My Forever June' by DeAnna Kinney

Book Info-
Title- My Forever June
By- DeAnna Kinney
Genre- New Adult Contemporary Romance
Publication Date- June 4, 2014

June Russell is a free spirited artist living her dream life in her recently inherited beach cottage on Oak Island. She is addicted to coffee and clutter, and with her quirks and mother issues, she is perfectly content to be alone, feeling her life is utterly and ultimately complete. But when the adorable Tucker Mitchell helps her out of a sandy situation during an altercation on the beach, the powerful sparks are hard to ignore.

Despite the facts that they are completely opposite and not looking for love, they fall—hard, neither one seeing it coming. And just when they think life couldn’t get any sweeter, illness strikes, blindsiding them both. Will they overcome despite the odds against them? Or, just when they have found each other, will fate play a cruel joke and separate them forever?



About the Author-
DeAnna Kinney is a wife of twenty years and the mother of three amazing kids. She considers herself as fun-loving and a bit peculiar. Besides writing, she loves reading, the color purple, Star Wars, decorating on a budget, and dancing while she cooks (she can see her kids rolling their eyes as we speak). She believes whole-heartedly that chocolates and a good book go hand in hand. And, having experienced it herself, believes utterly in the power of true love. She lives in the beautiful North Carolina with her husband, 3 kids, and a fish named Hector.



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