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Monday, July 7, 2014

Touring Now- 'Rebellion' by J.D. Netto Tour Schedule

Rebellion Tour Schedule

July 7th-
Girls *Heart* Books- Review of Book 1

July 8th-
Kelly P’s Blog- Excerpt/Spotlight

July 9th-
Girls *Heart* Books- Excerpt/Spotlight (Book 1)

July 10th-
Consuming Worlds-  Excerpt/Spotlight

July 11th-
Girls *Heart* Books-  Book Soundtrack (Book 1)

July 12th-
The Pleasure of Reading Today- Excerpt/Spotlight

July 13th-
The Shadow Portal- Author Interview

July 14th-
Fandom Monthly Magazine- Review of Book 1, Author Interview, Excerpt/Spotlight

July 15th-
akiiKOMORI reading- Review of Book 2, Excerpt/Spotlight, Top Tens, Book Soundtrack, Playlist

July 16th-
Girls *Heart* Books- Book Soundtrack

July 17th-
Mythical Books-  Review of Both Books

July 18th-
Diane’s Book Blog- Excerpt/Spotlight, Guest Post, Book Soundtrack, Playlist

July 19th-

July 20th-
KJ Reads a Lot- Excerpt/Spotlight

July 21st-
Write Away Bliss- Author Interview, Excerpt/Spotlight

July 22nd-
Girls *Heart* Books- Excerpt/Spotlight (Book 2)

July  23rd-
Scandalous Book Blog- Excerpt/Spotlight, Playlist

July 24th-
Bookworm Betties- Review of Book 2, Excerpt/Spotlight, Playlist

July 25th-
Girls *Heart* Books- Review of Book 2

July 26th-
The Pleasure of Reading Today- Excerpt/Spotlight

July 27th-
Triquetra Reviews- Excerpt/Spotlight

July 28th-
Roxy’s Reviews-  Book Soundtrack

July 29th-
Story Diary- Review of Both Books,

July 30th-
Roxy’s Reviews-  Excerpt/Spotlight

July 31st-
Step Into Fiction- Review of Book 2, Excerpt/Spotlight

August 1st-

August 2nd-
Roxy’s Reviews-  Playlist

August 3rd-
Ana Loves- Review of Both Books, Author Interview
Indie Authors You Want to Read- Excerpt/Spotlight

August 4th-

August 5th-
Book Talk Reviews- Excerpt/Spotlight, Book Soundtrack

August 6th-
YA Book Addict- Excerpt/Spotlight

August 7th-
KJ Reads a Lot-  Review of Book 2

August 8th-
Dalene’s Book Reviews- Review of both books, Excerpt/Spotlight, Book Soundtrack, Playlist


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